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**Due to storage issues we are only accepting twin beds in a box.**

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Read below and see how we have helped our local community in the last month!

Expressions of Love

Special Thanks to Alamita's OBCC Small Group!  Small group leader Engels Alamita works at Kaiser. His coworker gifted CarePortal with a $1,000 check to help families get back on their feet.  See some of their gifts below.
To a mom and three children, living at homeless shelters, and living in their car is a thing of the past. Thanks to the generous donation above, this family has two new twin beds, new bedding, and a new futon.

All were sleeping on the floor and now even the futon will provide a bed.

Thanks to OBCC member, Alicia Y. (below) for donating a dresser, lamp, canned goods and toys as well. Alicia is in the OBCC Hoklotubbe's small group.
The children are ten, three, and one years old and they each now have their own beds. Above they are playing games on their brand new beds and bedding. 
CP Responders thanking Casa Bella and Alex Furniture for the great deals on a new Futon frame and mattress and two twin mattresses.

Thanks to your donations we also brought this family a coffee maker, blender, dishes, pans, lap quilts (thanks to Inland Empire Quilters Guild), socks and more.
Also from OBCC youth group, Daughter, Gianna and mom Nicole (worship leader) did some heavy lifting bringing in the furniture.
Two OBCC youth were on mission with CarePortal on June 13. Above is Rocco, eleven (right) helping to play with the kids as Responders Efrem and Nicole put the furniture together (picture below). 
Rocco, Gianna and Maria R. helped make up the beds with new bedding. 

Teacher, LAPD Officers & Truck Driver

Retired public school teacher, Alicia Y. connected with two LAPD officers who donated a beautiful dining table for our mom of three. Alicia also arranged the delivery from her truck driver friend; and made a second trip bringing books for all the kids. Thank you all for your generous donations. 

1st CarePortal Baptism

On June 11, 2023, Marge F. was baptized. We first met on the Nextdoor App when Responders Efrem and Maria R. helped her move. She also donated items to the ministry. 

Your Donations Helped a Teenager

The CNUSD Parents Center sent us a 16 year old mommy to be (an eleventh grader). Thanks to your donations we helped her get clothing, a new stroller, pack n play, diaper bag, baby items, hygiene products, gift cards, clothing and information about Corona Life Services.

Pictured is Responder, Efrem R. who helped load her car.

Elderly Care

A Senior citizen sleeping on the floor of a rented room contacted Vi E. at MAG Church, Riverside. Vi called CP to let us know of the issue. We posted the request on Facebook. Rick and Nita M's nephew and niece, that live up north, sent this neighbor a new bed and new bedding (directly to his house).
Thank you Jason and Sheila W.

We are amazed at the generosity of God's people filling a need from such a distance and to a complete stranger. This senior, who lived a tough life, is so grateful.

OBCC Youth

Recently, Catherine Y., (pictured on the right) a 9th grader in OBCC's youth ministry, was invited to play her violin with Corona Youth Sympathy Quartet, Corona Youth Advanced Orchestra and Santiago Advanced Orchestra. Her first paying job was for Rondo Elementary School Grand Art Festival. They paid her with a $50 gift card. She immediately donated the card to CarePortal Ministry at OBCC for distribution to those in need. Thank you, Catherine for your generousity.

OBCC youth parents are doing an amazing job raising leaders along with our Youth leaders, led by Nick and Celena Hershey. Pray for them daily.

OBCC CarePortal Day of Giving - June 29th

Donors, thank you so much for all your gifts. Below are some pictures of your gifts being distributed. CP Responders worked overtime packing up their cars. Thank you Savannah M. for lending a helping hand.

The Jesus Film Handout

This business-size card is distributed to each neighbor we serve. Neighbors can scan the QR code on the back to watch the Jesus Film for free. Your purchase of these cards is greatly appreciated.

Mail to:
OBCC, Attn: CarePortal
7702 El Cerrito Rd, Corona, CA, 92882 

(Mark clearly it is a donation to CarePortal) 

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OBCC, Attn: CarePortal
7702 El Cerrito Rd., Corona, CA 92881

**Due to storage issues we are only accepting twin beds in a box.**


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About CarePortal

". . . look after the orphans and the widows . . ." James 1:27
CarePortal is a ministry of OBCC that seeks to serve our community in the Name of Jesus. The Bible tells us that “even the Son of God came not to be served but to serve, and to give His lifeas a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45
Our Team:
Inventory Coordinators - Jim & Jeannette Aron
Responders - Efrem & Maria Rodriguez
Responder(s) - Catherine Hall & Harry [dog mascot]
Responder - Susan Yoon
Responder - Lori Halzle
Local Outreach Lead - Rick Morris
Logistics Coordinator - Nita Morris

In 2022, 75 families received your donated household items . . .

  • Four neighbors made decisions for Christ.
  • CP Newsletter reaches almost 300 households.
  • Visitors from three different countries and the US were guests at the storage bin.
  • Meet Marge - Our neighbor we met on social media, and assisted. She now attends OBCC and is getting baptized on Father's Day. Thanks to Maria R. for bringing her to church weekly. 

“I will show my greatness … and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.” 
Ezekiel 38:23 ESV