Next steps

No matter where you are in your journey of faith, there is always a “next step” that you can take to grow spiritually and progress in your relationship with God.


Regardless of where you are spiritually, all of us have areas we need to explore or grow in.  

IF YOU'RE NEW TO OLIVE BRANCH, consider what your first step might be in exploring faith or becoming part of the Olive Branch community.
Exploring faith or new to it?  Starting Point is a ten week group will help you explore faith, God, and the Bible in a conversational environment.
You were created to know God and be in relationship with Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Baptism is a public, outward expression that indicates a personal, inward faith and is one of the first steps that followers of Christ should make.
For those wanting to become part of Olive Branch, the membership class is a great place to hear more about where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and what part you can play in that process.


These five week studies to help you connect with other Olive Branchers and explore ways to grow in in loving, living, or sharing Christ.  These studies are offered periodically throughout the year and also are offered in small groups.
If you feel like your relationship with God isn’t all that it could be, then the Love Christ Keystone Conversation will help you to grow in the depth of your love for Christ through getting more out of the Bible, prayer, and other disciplines.  

Watch a one minute overview.
None of us want to squander our lives, and yet many times we can struggle to know how He might want to make a difference through us. In this study we’ll help you identify and learn how to honor God in how you use your time, talents, influence, and resources.

Watch a one minute overview.
If you feel like one of your weak spots is sharing your faith with others, then this study will help equip you to share your faith without being combative or disagreeable.

Watch a one minute overview.


After you've taken some first steps and gone through the keystone studies, consider taking one of the steps below to keep growing.


Once you’ve taken your first step and gone through the three keystone conversation studies, the next workshop will help you to explore your roles, rhythms, and relationships to develop an annual plan to keep growing closer to Christ.


At every stage of your spiritual growth it’s essential to have a community that you are meeting regularly with to know and be known, as well as to help each other grow closer to Jesus.


We want to come alongside you to help you growth spiritually so we've compiled tools and resources to aid you.