No matter where you're at in your faith, there is always room to grow in loving, living, and sharing Christ.

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Spiritual growth is a journey, and that means it takes time.  Sure, we want to speed up the process, but we can’t.  It’s a lifetime journey that we are on to become like Jesus, but there are five core habits that every follower of Christ needs for this journey no matter how long they've been following Jesus.

Daily Time with God in Prayer and Scripture

For any relationship to grow, communication is critical. A relationship with God is no different.  Spending time daily in the Bible and in prayer.

Attend a Weekend Service

Gathering as a large community to worship God and learn more about Him is a concept that has been practiced since the beginning of the church as they gathered in hundreds or thousands in the temple courts.

Serve on a Ministry Team

We’ve found that when you focus on helping others, you can discover surprising things about yourself.  It can be surprisingly fun, a gateway to new friends and an opportunity to encounter God.

Connect with Others in a Small Group

The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on the quality and direction of your life.  So who are you regularly gathering with to know and be known, and to help one another become more like Jesus?

Share your faith

Your words have power.  Use them to share the good news with others and see what God does as you step out to tell others about Him.


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Right Now Media

One of the tools that Olive Branch wants to provide to help you grow spiritually is the Netflix of Christian Bible Studies.  Right Now Media is packed with over 20,000 videos for adults, youth, and kids.  

Use these studies for your own personal growth, or grab a couple of friends (virtually or in person) to go through a study together.