Getting Ready for Marriage: For couples who are engaged and pursuing marriage, as well as, couples who are dating and thinking about marriage. This four- to six-week relationship course focuses on the foundations of marriage. This consists of an online assessment for the future husband and wife andsessions with a mentor couple, or Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee or Associate.

Each session generally runs 60-90 minutes and is scheduled between you and the mentor(s). The sessions address issues such as a Christ-centered marriage, expectations, finances, personality and communication styles, and handling conflict.

1:1 Pre-Marital Counseling: Personal eight- to ten-week week course with another couple focusing on the foundations of marriage. Note: Getting Ready for Marriage or Pre-Marital counseling is mandatory for anyone seeking to be married at Olive Branch or by an Olive Branch pastor.


Marriage Tune Up: Whether you have been married for a few years or decades there are times when your marriage could use a tune up. This 4-week group is designed to help couples invest and build strong marriages through group discussion, meeting one on one with a marriage mentor couple, and taking an online assessment. Some of the topics covered are personality, communication, conflict, and adaptability.


Contact Pastor Brent Branchaud for more information on Pastoral Counseling or a referral to a local counselor.