David Weese

I’m from Corona – moved here when I was four, and have lived in basically every neighborhood area in town. I’ve also attended most of the major churches around the area for at least a month. I went to Santiago High School and have been involved in music in and out of church since around 14 years of age. I attended Cal State Fullerton and got a Bachelors in Classical Guitar Performance, and have been involved in so many musical projects, bands, ensembles, and symphonies to recount. After college I was blessed to be married to the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met, Felicia Weese, and have two fiery and absolutely captivating daughters, Charlotte and Melanie.  

I have been following the Lord for about 25 years, and the journey has had mountaintop elation and boggy basin hardship. Loving and following Jesus is never static; there are always new depths to delve in heart and new horizons to develop relationally with other believers and those outside the church. Olive Branch has been one such new horizon for me – a tremendous exercise of faith, spiritual strengthening, and professional growth from the start.  I came on as a volunteer on the worship team, and over the next few years transitioned into an assistant position for both worship and later tech. I also taught music at Olive Branch Christian Academy for three years. With the departure of my higher-ups in worship and tech, I took on the mantle of leadership for both roles and have been the worship arts coordinator for two years and the technical director for one.  

We have seen many changes and strange seasons, and I have seen everyone grow and adapt so well through these times. The Lord is working at Olive Branch, and I am excited to pioneer the coming seasons with such a loving and wise group of believers.

Roles: Tech Director, Music Coordinator, Support Staff