Jacob Angulo

Born and raised in Corona, California!

I was homeschooled until ninth grade, where I went to Corona High School and I got involved in the video production program. I have been working at Olive Branch since I was 19 years old. I started by serving hot lunches to the students and then transitioned to supervising the after school program and eventually moved into the classrooms to work as a teachers aid. I worked part-time for a few years while attending community college and then moved away for college in 2016. After obtaining my BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, I returned home and Olive Branch School welcomed me back with open arms, like I never left.

When the pandemic hit there was a need for Olive Branch Church to have a videographer for an online platform. I knew that God called me to use my gifts and talents to glorify His kingdom in this way. It is so amazing to have the opportunity to use my long time passion for video. I truly believe God has put me here at Olive Branch for a reason: to love on our students and partner with parents/guardians.

I am so grateful to have grown up here at Olive Branch; this community and love for Christ has helped shaped the man who I am today.

Role: Video Director & Support Staff