Reuben's Story  | A Simple Invite

"Next thing you know, my wife tells me that she's pregnant with my second son and we didn't have a secure source of income..."

Teresa's Story | I Decided to Get Baptized

"As we got older, we had questions. There were questions that we were never allowed to ask, we just did what we were told..."

Pastor Brent's Story

"I didn't find out until later in life that my dad was an atheist. He's always been a good, moral man, but I didn't realize that he did not believe in God..."

Holly's Story | Jesus Changed my Life

"This is the peace that I've been looking for. He didn't give me back my life, He gave me a whole new life. I have a home, I have friends... I could never have dreamed of this..."

Veronica's Story | I Have Faith in the Lord

"He took me out of the streets from using and getting high  and He put me in a jail, but He had his plan that He was going to part that Red Sea for me... and I believed it."

Renee's Story | Trusting in God

"I realize now, that God was shaping me. He knew that I needed to be humbled; that I needed to know that I REALLY trust Him; that I needed to know that his great love for me..."

I Gave My Heart to Jesus

"They would have these underground churches, and if the government were to find out, they would arrest all of them and..."

Sixto's Story | I Found Jesus

"Even when I was full-blown and going in the wrong direction, living out there in the streets, I would feel so ashamed of the way that I was living..."

Paul & Brianna | How We Understand Our Faith

"My prayer life was lacking a lot... just going through the Love class made me realize that it's not how you do it, it's that you just are in communication one way or another."

Joy at OBCC  | Take your Next Step

This is my way of helping and serving God in any way that I can to reach out to our community of people that are just not able to come in person..."

Jake & Matt | Keeping our Church Safe

“We are walking around campus, making sure that the kids are getting to their classrooms; parking lots are safe; and overall look to make sure we have safe services..."

Erik & Amanda | Why We Took Financial Peace University

"When we first started FPU, I was one of the skeptics that didn't think that we necessarily needed to do it because my husband is such a numbers guy."

Paul & Brianna | From Going to Church to Being the Church

"We decided that we wanted to take a step further to be more involved and to see where God could place us in this church."

Jessica & Vince | Keeping our Church Safe

"We were new to the area and we were looking for a small group to join, and nothing really worked with our schedules, so we decided to take the leap and start one!"

Yvette at OBCC | Leading a Small Group

"I was really hesitant to start a group, because I didn't feel like I was spiritually mature enough to lead a group, but then invited some acquaintances, and it turned out we were all needing these friendships."


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